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A Pre-Survey Inspection can be arranged at request, before a Pre-Purchase, Condition and Valuation Survey is booked. This normally involves a one or two hour inspection of the yacht, followed by a formal email listing any findings. The cost of this service is £40/hour. If after this inspection the purchaser decides to go forward with a Pre-Purchase Survey, the cost of the inspection will be taken off the cost of the survey.

Prices do not include extra services i.e. boat yard fees, ferry tickets, etc.


Pre-purchase, Condition and Valuation Survey

£15 per foot

Insurance Survey (condition and valuation)

£13 per foot

Pre-sale, Condition and Valuation Survey

£12 per foot

Damage Assesment  Survey

£12 per foot

*Discounts are also available for Dell Quay Sailing club members.*

Prices are dependant on the type of survey that you require. Prices are also given per foot, and therefore vary depending on the length of your vessel.


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