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A Pre-Survey Inspection can be arranged at request, before a Pre-Purchase, Condition and Valuation Survey is booked. This normally involves a one or two hour inspection of the yacht, followed by a formal email listing any findings. The cost of this service is £50/hour.

Prices do not include extra services i.e. boat yard fees, ferry tickets, etc.

Call us now on: 07545 753074


Pre-purchase, Condition and Valuation Survey

£15 per foot

Insurance Survey (condition and valuation)

£13 per foot

Pre-sale, Condition and Valuation Survey

£13 per foot

Damage Assesment  Survey

£12 per foot

Prices are dependant on the type of survey that you require. Prices are given per foot, and therefore vary depending on the length of your vessel. The prices listed below are for a single engine vessel already on the hard. Prices may vary when a lift and hold is required, or when the vessel is deemed to be more complex to survey. Please email or call us for an exact quotation.


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