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A Damage Assessment Survey would usually be required by the insurance company. This would be used to assess the level of damage to the vessel, resulting from an accident. 

An in-depth survey and report will be carried out for the client, reporting on the resulting condition of the vessel. The suggested cause of the damage, as well as the recommended repairs and costs will also be discussed within the yacht survey report.


H T Bettle & Co Yacht Surveys will also liaise with boat yards, engineers and the client, to determine the best options for the yacht in question.   

The Damage Assessment Survey cost of £12/ft includes the following:

  • An initial in-depth survey and report of the damage sustained to the vessel. 

  • Liaising with boat yards and engineering firms to establish a cost for the remedial works. 

  • Visiting the vessel during the repairs to make sure that all work is being undertaken to a high standard. 

  • A final visit and PDF document specifying that all work has been undertaken to a high standard, and that the vessel is ready to be re-launched. 

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