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Once the price, date and location of the yacht survey has been agreed by all parties, a contract / job sheet will be emailed to the client to fill in, sign and return before the survey date. This confirms the survey booking.


Depending on whether the vessel is already out of the water, a "lift and hold" may need to be booked with the marina or a local boatyard. This is where the vessel is held within the crane slings for an hour at midday. The vessel will also need to be pressure washed below the waterline. If the vessel is already out of the water, a lift will not necessarily need to be booked. It is however useful to inspect the vessel in the water to check the skin fittings for leaks and to run the engine properly.

The survey will usually begin at 9:00am. If the vessel is in the water, the interior items and systems, deck and coachroof, and mast and rigging (if applicable), will be checked first. The engine(s) will be run when the vessel is afloat, all electrical items will be tested, and the sails will be raised (wind permitting).

The vessel will then be lifted out of the water for an hour at around midday. During this time, the underside of the vessel, and topsides, will be inspected.

After the vessel has been lifted back into the water, any items that were not inspected during the morning will be inspected.  If requested, a sea trial could also be undertaken in the afternoon (weather and tide permitting).

Once the survey is finished in its entirety, any major issues will be brought to the attention of the client immediately.  


A final report will then be written and emailed to the client within 5 working days of the survey date. An invoice will be sent with the final report. Any questions regarding findings, or how to proceed with a purchase, are welcomed.

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