Henry Bettle is a fully qualified Marine Yacht Surveyor, spending most of his life either on, or by the sea. 

Henry has a first-class honours (BEng) degree in Marine Technology from the University of Plymouth. This is a hybrid course of Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Henry is a member of three accrediting bodies: The Royal Institute of Naval Architects, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, and The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors.

Henry has completely restored a sunken sailing yacht, and has spent years working at various boatyards in the Chichester area. During this time, undertaking keel re-bedding, seacock replacing, engine overhauls etc, a knowledgeable understanding of yacht construction and maintenance has been developed. 


Henry has spent many years teaching sailing as an RYA Senior Instructor, both in Plymouth and Chichester harbour, as well as being a keen yacht racer. 

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